Packing & Unpacking

Service Overview

A successful move starts with a successful packing job. Proper packing paper, padding and boxing procedures are vital to protect your belongings. So whether you want to hire professional packers or you decide to do it yourself, we have you covered. We can pack as much or as little as you need, and we offer the full range of moving boxes and supplies to get your belongings safely to your new home.

Many people do not realize that movers are not liable for items packed by the owner. Protect your belongings and hire Multi-Link Moving packers and get the job done right. What do we do to protect your belongings?

In the chaos of moving preparations, one of the most important parts often doesn’t get enough attention until the last minute – Packing! Moving large items has its challenges, but is truly the most difficult part of moving.


How It Works?!

  • Wrap fragile articles using two layers of unprinted newspaper for each glass, dish, figurine, etc. Wrap firmly but loosely enough to provide a cushioning effect.
  • Don’t overcrowd boxes. Articles should cushion each other. The top of the box should close with slight pressure. Don’t mix incompatible items (like books with glasses).
  • Pack lampshades, mirrors, pictures, etc. in special cartons designed for these items. Tape boxes across tops and edges. Seal every opening tightly.
  • All goods that we pack are fully covered by our replacement value protection.
  • Mark items you will require immediately, and mark delicate items “FRAGILE”.
  • We ensure our type of packing reduces the amount of boxes needed by charging most moves by by weight and time. Therefore, reducing the weight which ultimately puts some money back in your pocket.
  • Let us pack your goods to allow you to stay living comfortable in your home until a day or two before your move date. We get you unpacked and settled into your new home just a day or two after.
  • Another benefit of going with our packing services is our Unpacking Services which is included in the costs. This makes the move-in process even more efficient. All debris is removed by us so you don’t have to struggle with the empty boxes and used paper.