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When you are planning a move, there are many details to consider, and one of the most important issues is how will you accomplish the move.

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Multi-Link Movers provides comprehensive business and home moving services, professional packing services, and delivers moving boxes and supplies to your home. Our goal is to exceed customers’ expectations by customizing our moving services to your specific needs.

We have all the packing supplies, including boxes specifically for clothes, pictures and dishes as well as packing tape and bubble wrap.

Local Movers

A local move may not involve a lot of travel, but it still requires a significant amount of organization and effort. Often, you must complete your move out of the old home or office, and the move in to the new one in just a few hours.

Long Distance Movers

Whether you are moving from province to province or completely across the country, a long distance move presents unique challenges and requires a lot of planning and organization.

Office Movers

An office move or commercial move is a significant event and can have a massive impact on your business. A new location can be highly beneficial, especially if you are moving to a better location for your customers or clients, or a new facility that will better suit your business needs.

Packing services

A successful move starts with a successful packing job. Proper packing paper, padding and boxing procedures are vital to protect your belongings. So whether you want to hire professional packers or you decide to do it yourself, We have you covered.

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